Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour and skyline as seen from Macquarie’s Point. Love the view! 🙂 It always feels special gazing upon the beautifully shaped Sydney Opera House and the stunning harbour that adorns this huge metropole. I’ve been to Sydney a few times now, but I’ll never not like this view. This view is also special toContinue reading “Sydney Harbour”

Sydney NYE fireworks

One of the items on my bucket list was to be in Sydney for New Year’s Eve to see the amazing fireworks. As 2011 was close to making way to 2012, I was there sitting near Macquarie’s Point making this dream come true. It was very busy in the city that day. I had doneContinue reading “Sydney NYE fireworks”

Orange is the new green

When in Sydney, please visit the Botanical Gardens. They are a delight to walk through. Every time I visited Sydney, I made sure to enjoy a walk through these beautiful gardens. And after you’ve seen everything, you can keep on walking towards Bennelong Point, where the Sydney Opera House is. I have no idea whatContinue reading “Orange is the new green”


It was a magical feeling to see the Sydney Opera House for the first time. The realisation that you’re looking at an iconic building on the other side of the world simply blows my mind. I’ve seen the Sydney Opera House several times and every time I feel the same magical feeling. I can’t describeContinue reading “Sydney”