Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour and skyline as seen from Macquarie’s Point. Love the view! 🙂 It always feels special gazing upon the beautifully shaped Sydney Opera House and the stunning harbour that adorns this huge metropole. I’ve been to Sydney a few times now, but I’ll never not like this view. This view is also special to me, because it wasn’t far from here that I spent New Year’s Eve in Sydney and got to witness the most amazing fireworks I’ve seen in my life.

Sydney harbour from TravelSan on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour

  1. Stopped by your Blog. Noticed your Post about Sydney. I was there more than 40 yrs. ago while serving in the US Navy. There is a picture of my ship when we entered the Harbor on my Blog. We stayed there for 4 day’s on R&R. I will never forget how great the people of Sydney were to us “Yankee” Sailors. We loved it. Wish I could go back there. I have never met such wonderful people.


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