Sydney NYE fireworks

One of the items on my bucket list was to be in Sydney for New Year’s Eve to see the amazing fireworks. As 2011 was close to making way to 2012, I was there sitting near Macquarie’s Point making this dream come true. It was very busy in the city that day. I had done my homework and searched the internet for information on how this event would be organised. Turned out the organisation was really good. They had a whole website describing everything, including various routes, vantage points and their capacities.

I decided upon Macquarie’s Point based on the view on both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (well, parts of both). I accidentally met up with a Dutch girl I met at the hostel. In the end, I could just as well have been alone entirely, because she and her mother weren’t really very social. I was happy we had a bit of shade, because it was blistering hot that day. At 9 PM they had the ‘kiddies fireworks’, meant for the kids that want to see the fireworks, but can’t ‘last’ till midnight, while for us it was a taste of what was to come. At 10 seconds before midnight, the countdown began and the atmosphere was buzzing. There was a group of Korean girls behind us and they were very vocal (you can hear that in the video, haha). I guess everyone got excited and experienced things in their own way, which is all good. The fireworks were absolutely AMAZING! I’ve never seen such incredible fireworks in my entire life!! What an experience!!

The atmosphere was amicable and cheerful. There were hordes of people on the move, but I didn’t witness anything crazy where I was. There was the occassional drunk person, but all they would say was ‘Happy New Year’, so quite harmless. After everything was over, I limped back. I had contracted plantair fasciitis the day before and my foot was killing me. I tried to hail a taxi, but the driver stood me up. Then I tried to find some means of transportation, as walking was way too far. Some guys came over, asked how I was doing. I was crying because my foot hurt so much. They helped me sort things out and in the end, I decided to take a metro. It was very busy down at the metro station, but I managed to get myself on a train. I remember some random German guy belting out ABBA songs and blocking everyone’s way, ehm yeah.

I was very happy to be in my bed! Completely buzzing because of the amazing fireworks and a dream that came true, but also exhausted and sore because of my foot injury. It was an experience to never forget! Wow, and I was THERE! 🙂

If I ever go to Sydney again for NYE, I’m going to do it differently. I then simply book myself into the Sydney Harbour YHA in the Rocks and book a ticket to their rooftop party. 🙂

NYE Sydney 2012 from TravelSan on Vimeo.

Any special place you like to go to for NYE or any place you wish you could go to?

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