A league of their own

Sweet Hopewell. It was such a wonderful reunion. It’s no secret that I love this place and I was excited to show my mom why. She got it, I didn’t even have to explain. Hopewell is in a league of its own. ❤

Mike and Lynley were wonderful as ever. One evening they held a mussel night. Although we don’t eat mussels, we still joined in at the table because it’s fun! Our stay at Hopewell was like a holiday within a holiday. If you need to get away from everything and truly want to feel what relaxation feels like, come to Hopewell. It’s a magical place, which everyone that’s visited will surely confirm.

Here are some photos from the wonderfully kept property.

We did an easy walk to Skiddaw Farm and enjoyed beautiful views along the way.

And of course I couldn’t resist and went out for a paddle! Life is beautiful from the water.

Mom and I had a wonderful time. As we said goodbye, we both got a hug from Lynley, who then said to me ‘until next time!’ which I know there will be! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A league of their own

    1. It is! And because the beds are also super comfortable, you get: nature + excellent sleep = most well rested, zen feeling ever! ❤


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