Farm stay? Farm nay!

Since it was too far to drive from Hopewell to Christchurch in one go, we decided to have a little stop somewhere half way. Comparing a road map with the BBH-website, I had chosen the hostel ‘Hu Ha Farmstay’, because it was in a convenient location and it had good ratings. We thought it would be a fun idea to combine the ‘useful and the pleasant’, having an easy place to stay and perhaps learning something about NZ farm life.

We were wrong. It wasn’t a pleasant stay for us at all and we learnt nothing. I wrote about that in an earlier post, where I reviewed all the places my mom and I stayed at during our holiday last year. Basically, the owners were absent and only came in to collect the money. This was disappointing albeit (only) partially understandable due to the labour intense nature of farm life. And although things were washed and clean, the place was stuffy as hell because all the windows had to be kept closed (we were told so by the owners), because the horses on the farm attracted flies. Such a disappointment and a missed opportunity, especially since the area was beautiful! We drove off as early in the morning as we could manage.

But because the surroundings were beautiful, I’m still sharing some photos I took during our (luckily) very brief stay.

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