Don’t stay too long, bro, there’s nothing to do there

People weren’t exactly exaggerating when they said I shouldn’t stay too long in Invercargill because there wouldn’t be anything to do there. The thing is, I had to stop there on my way back from Stewart Island. The initially planned two nights were already reduced to one, and that was fine. I picked the only BBH hostel in town and it was a good one. So if you’re in Invercargill, stay at Southern Comfort. Beautiful building, friendly owner who keeps the place tidy and clean. My room was comfortable, and so was the couch in the living room. Calling it a ‘common room’, like you do in hostels, wouldn’t give it enough credit. The comfortable leather couches, the dining table, the chairs…it all made it feel like a living room.

I had the majority of the day to spend in this southern city. I spent it wandering around town, doing some shopping, eating. Just did some relaxing on this last day of my travels. The streets were mostly deserted, a few cars here and there, but not much went on. I knew very well that I’d be flying home soon, so even being in Invercargill, what people consider a boring city, meant that I was still in New Zealand, and I savoured every moment. The skies were dramatic, the sky a beautiful blue, and the clouds were wild and abundant. I’d left my big camera at the hostel and only took photos with my iPhone, but even that little camera managed to capture the mystery of those cloudy skies.

Invercargill may have been uneventful, but it was a friendly place and I’m glad I spent some time here, if only as a short stop.

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