The adventure begins

After an early start, I made my way to the airport. My flight was at 10.30 am, which I think is quite a decent time to start a long flight. We had quite a bit of turbulence along the way, but other than that, it was a wonderfully uneventful flight. I had an 18-hour stop in Singapore before my next flight. I had enquired about a room at the transit hotel at the airport before I left, but no rooms were available. Once at the airport, I decided to try anyway. Lo and behold, there was a room available! This made me so happy, because this meant a shower and time to sleep. It was wonderful and I caught some solid zzzzs. Long flights wear me out and even though I was still tired when I went on my next flight, after having flown through I don’t know how many time zones, I also felt refreshed and ready to tackle the next leg of the trip.

In Melbourne I had to change flights yet again. The last bit of the trip, I flew with Air New Zealand. And I love them! The interior of the airplane was modern and light. The entertainment system had way more movies than Singapore! They had all the Lord of the Rings movies and all the Hobbit movies! If only I had a longer flight with them so I could marathon it all! (okay, I could try) One of the best bits was the security video (see above), completely in LOTR/Hobbit style! It put a huge smile on my geeky face.

Once I got to Auckland, it was a huge change in weather. It was hot and humid, not my favourite. Quite different from the cold I just came from! And apparently, I left just in time because the day I left, it started snowing. Ha!The hostel was nothing special, but the people in my room were very nice. Backpacker socialising started right there!

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2 thoughts on “The adventure begins

  1. Glad your New Zealand adventure has got off to a good start! The flight safety film is fun … I’ve just shared it with my little Hobbits 🙂 Have a great trip, San 🙂


    1. Love the safety film! I like that they have a good sense of humour about it while using the movies as a promotion as well. Brilliant! And thank you! 🙂

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