Going north

I only stayed in Auckland for one night. For me, there is no point hanging around in big cities when there is so much out there to see and enjoy! So I headed north, to Paihia. Four hours on the bus, travelling along winding roads. That sure is a huge difference with my flat, mountainless country! I arrived in an even warmer Paihia, settled in and tried to catch up on a little sleep.

The next day, I had a tour through the Bay of Islands. It was called ‘Dolphin and Hole in the Rock cruise’. We saw the hole in the rock, but unfortunately, no dolphins. They are wild and free animals after all, so we lucked out unfortunately. The tour was beautiful though! The weather was amazing, so sunny and warm. I got a bit of a tan that day! And I say ‘bit’, because you really want to use plenty of sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn. It was a half day tour and I put on two layers of sunscreen. Only a little bit of skin got sunburnt in the end, because apparently, my arms are too short to reach that part of my back. Woops!

We also stopped at Urepukapuka island, where we could hike up to the top of the hill for a wonderful view! It was so sunny and wonderfully summery!


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