Cape Reinga

I’d never been to Cape Reinga so I really wanted to go there this trip. I booked a bus tour and on the road we went! It was really relaxed, with all sorts of stops along the way. We made a short visit to a kauri forest and had lunch on the beach. After a few stops and a few hours, we made it to Cape Reinga.

Cape Reinga is a special place. It’s from this point souls from deceased Maori depart on their journey back to the homeland of Hawaiki. After spending some time at the cape and enjoying the place ‘where two waters meet’, we went to the sand dunes for some sandboarding. I didn’t go sandboarding, because I have a bruised rib which would have been way too painful with all that action. It was fun to see people slide down, though.Some were really good! After the sandboarding we drove back south, along 90-mile beach, which isn’t actually 90 miles long. Quite cool to drive (ride) along the beach in a big bus! Further south, we stopped for fish and chips at Mangonui Fish Shop. So good! No frozen stuff, just super fresh and yummy fish! Recommendation, right there!


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2 thoughts on “Cape Reinga

  1. I loved your photos, San. What an amazing place – I can imagine it was special to the Maori people. The South Pole sign made me smile 🙂 The sandboarding looks like it would have been fun – I love sledging downhill! … but it sounds like you made the right decision on sitting out that activity. But what a fabulous day and fabulous fish and chips too!


    1. Thank you! Happy to share for the armchair travellers 🙂 Sandboarding would have been fun indeed, but health comes first for me. Plus, I sort of already know what that rush feels like as we did something similar as kids: when there was snow and the creek was frozen over, we’d sled down the sides and onto the ice. Fun!

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