Where an adventure began


I can honestly say that the Routeburn Track was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I wanted to do a trekking for ages and in January 2012, that dream finally became a reality. Before the ‘real thing’ started, I had to cross two swing bridges, of which this is one. Not a fan of these things, but it really couldn’t go wrong. It was a challenging trek, exhausting as well, but worth every footstep, every raindrop, everything. I was in my element and let me tell you…that feels amazing!

I’m curious, when are you in your element?

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8 thoughts on “Where an adventure began

  1. I sounds like you really enjoyed your adventure, San – fulfilling a dream must have been amazing 🙂 This bridge looks a bit scary to me … I might have had to close my eyes and hold tightly to the rails, I think 🙂


    1. I absolutely did! And what I loved, besides the stunning nature, was the incredible friendly people I met. It was amazing! The swing bridge was…interesting. You can hold onto the rails, but it still swings. I just waited to be alone so nobody else could add their swinging! 🙂

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        1. Yes, it absolutely did make it more memorable. Hahaha, synchronised swing bridge crossing, now there’s a craft! I’d rather pass the bridge alone! But I’ve had worse. In Sweden, the bridge broke down because too many people tried to cross at once. There was a real traffic jam and we had to climb the railings not to get wet from the river! It was crazy!

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