Off the beaten campsite


One of the advantages of travelling around New Zealand with your own campervan is the freedom. In principle, you can camp almost anywhere in New Zealand. However, sady enough many travellers have shown an inability to clean up after themselves, and be respectful towards nature and people. This has resulted in residents not wanting the campervans invading their peace and tranquility. People have been fined camping ‘in the wild’. I understand how people can feel this way. When I travelled around with a campervan and a travelmate, I, for some reason, never really felt comfortable ‘camping in the wild’. What if you weren’t supposed to camp there but were unaware of it? We were never fined and one time even ended up in some nice family’s paddock, because it was nicer that way.

After cleaning up our van, we found a map with DOC campsites. Some were more luxurious, well equipped, regular camp sites. There was also a listing of small campsites off the beaten track, often beautifully located close to national parks or other beautiful landscape features. Facilities were minimal, there was often only a water tap and trash bin. Once we discovered those sites, we didn’t even try to camp anywhere else. It was just so easy and hardly cost a thing (just a few NZD per person, deposited in an honesty box). This particular photo was taken at one of those DOC campsites where we stayed for one night. The sun had disappeared behind the hills and the colours of the landscape turned blueish and darker green. I believe it was the campsite in the area of Hokitika. A beautiful place that I wish I remembered more of…at least more than the gorgeous view and many sandflies! 😛

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4 thoughts on “Off the beaten campsite

  1. [Ha! I started looking at your instagram pics and lost the comment I was halfway through writing!!]
    Isn’t it a shame that too many people seem to think that ‘someone else’ will always tidy up their mess! That looks a beautiful place to set up camp. I would definitely prefer camping off the beaten track in a quiet place too 🙂


    1. [Haha!] Yes, it’s a real shame. Especially when you have such a beautiful country. It shouldn’t be any trouble to throw trash in a bin and if there’s no bin, keep it until you find one. And people like that ruin it for the people who are tidy. It was a beautiful place. No hassle, no buildings, just nature….and unfortunately a lot of sandflies too. 😛


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