Don’t lose your shirt!

Queenstown, I’m not sure what to make of this town. On the one hand I can’t stand all the partying. I’m not a party person at all and I hate drunk people. So seeing many of those drunk party people in what’s actually quite a cosy town, is such a shame, in my opinion. Plenty of people prefer the quieter Wanaka and I’m very keen on checking that place out properly the next time I’m in New Zealand. On the other hand, Queenstown’s got an adventurous vibe that I really like. You can choose from many outdoorsy things to do during your stay. I’ve done a bungy jump in 2005 and I hope one day to do a Canyon Swing. There’s a proper supermarket (Fresh Choice), it’s a vibrant place and there are plenty of places to get a nice meal. The location of this town is amazing and the views are nothing short of spectacular. So yeah, I love it and hate it at the same time.

I only stayed in Queenstown for a short time. First, I stayed for only one night before leaving on a four-day horse trek. I packed my backpack carefully the evening before so I’d bother my roommates as little as possible early the next morning. Unfortunately, I had somehow forgotten to pack one of my Icebreaker shirts. I didn’t realise it until we were in Paradise. Insert sadness here. After the trek, I stayed at the same hostel, but unfortunately, my Icebreaker was gone. I hope that whoever took my Icebreaker will enjoy it 😦 After the horse trek, I decided to stay in a private room. It was fine, except the room smelled of wet socks and nothing I did, got the smell out. Yay. But the manager, Chris, whom I remembered from three years ago, is very friendly, and the hostel is quite nice and relaxed.

I wanted to do two things in Queenstown: get a Ferg burger and get some fudge at The Remarkable Sweet Shop. The first night I arrived, there was a two-hour queue at Ferg burger. No way I was going to wait for food for that long! So I went another day and went in at a quieter time. It’s completely hyped and grown so much bigger than since I first got a Ferg burger in 2005, when they were still located in a small alley called Cow Lane. But these burgers are SO GOOD! Yum! And the homemade fudge at the sweet shop is SO GOOD as well! I got the crème brûlée fudge and the Hokey Pokey fudge.

Not many travel stories from my stay in Queenstown. I just did some shopping, eating, relaxing, walking around, sitting by the water, enjoying the sun. Here are some pictures of the town, the views and food! 🙂

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