Where will the train go?


Banff National Park in the springtime. Plenty of snow and ice still left on this gorgeous landscape filled with mountains, forest and rivers. We stopped by the side of the road for a quick photo break. The train tracks below got me wondering: where will the train go? What will it be like to journey through this beautiful landscape without having to keep an eye on the road? I love travelling by train, if I have a seat facing forward, that is!

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Dreamer. Adventurer. Traveller. Geek. Idealist. Nature. New Zealand, Nordic countries and the Arctic.

4 thoughts on “Where will the train go?

  1. New to your blog, and I can already see what an amazing life you’ve got with all these wonderful travels 🙂 doing more of solo travels is on my bucket list, so fingers crossed the pandemic is over soon indeed. I just hit follow!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely message! So nice to have you here! Indeed, fingers crossed this pandemic will pass and we can travel again. In the mean time, hang tight 😉


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