May the forest be with you

These photos are from when I hiked the Bosbesjestocht (blueberries hike) for the third time last year. It’s a beautiful route starting in Groesbeek, near Nijmegen. The route leads across the border into Germany and passes through the beautiful Reichswald. It’s a lovely hike through forest and along small back roads.

Hey you, with the wind swept hair!

Here’s my shot for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ‘Outdoor ways to move up and down‘. Sky diving was one of my ‘Bucket List Items’ and I was so excited when I finally got to do it! This was 2003 when I had my working holiday (mostly holiday, lol) in Australia and I did a tandemContinue reading “Hey you, with the wind swept hair!”

Are you gonna go my way?

The sky looked a bit moody, but the weather was mild and sunny. I decided to explore the small town of Hahei a little more. I walked along this road and then hiked up to a lookout point. The view was worth it, but so was the way to it. Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge