Victor Harbor

South Australia is a very hot and dry state. When I was there temperatures easily hit 40 degrees C and it wasn’t even during the Summer time! Still, a barren landscape like this contrasts beautifully with the bright, blue ocean. This photo was taken from the Bluff in Victor Harbor, a small town about aContinue reading “Victor Harbor”


It was a magical feeling to see the Sydney Opera House for the first time. The realisation that you’re looking at an iconic building on the other side of the world simply blows my mind. I’ve seen the Sydney Opera House several times and every time I feel the same magical feeling. I can’t describeContinue reading “Sydney”

The Balconies

On the left you can see ‘The Balconies’ in a beautiful area known as ‘The Grampians’. The Grampians is a National Park in Victoria, Australia. Years ago, people were allowed to stand on The Balconies, but this is no longer the case, as it’s damaging to the formation and unsafe as well. When I was there,Continue reading “The Balconies”

Barossa Valley

During my second visit to Australia in April 2005, I travelled to the Barossa Valley in South Australia. I used to hate wine, but after being introduced to delicious New Zealand wines (their white wines are exquisite!), I was willing to give Australian wine a try. At the time I was staying with a family withContinue reading “Barossa Valley”

I’m going on an adventure!

‘I’m going on an adventure‘ is seriously the first thing that comes to mind when I know I’ll be travelling again. I love travelling and I love planning for my travels. I pretty much never go on an ‘organised three week holiday’, simply because travelling for me means venturing off into the unknown and discoveringContinue reading “I’m going on an adventure!”

The people you meet

When I first travelled to Australia for my Working Holiday, I quickly realised it was a way bigger adventure than I had anticipated. I felt lonely and completely unsure of how to approach my sudden burst of freedom. The first couple of days in Sydney I had spent with a new friend. But when sheContinue reading “The people you meet”

The kindness of strangers

My first ever solo travel took me to Denmark. I had a working holiday and spent about a week picking strawberries on a small island (omg, it was so cold in the morning that I got a bladder infection!). I was out of my depth and initially wanted to run home. I didn’t and endedContinue reading “The kindness of strangers”