Victor Harbor

victorharbor2South Australia is a very hot and dry state. When I was there temperatures easily hit 40 degrees C and it wasn’t even during the Summer time! Still, a barren landscape like this contrasts beautifully with the bright, blue ocean. This photo was taken from the Bluff in Victor Harbor, a small town about a 90 minute drive from Adelaide. This town is often used as a holiday spot for people wanting to escape the city. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

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5 thoughts on “Victor Harbor

  1. It certainly does look very dry and barren with hardly any green to see in the landscape. It is easy to imagine how bush fires can spread so easily in this area. But isn’t the sea a beautiful cool blue-green – not surprising it is a popular holiday spot.


    1. It is a very very dry state. Households are on water restrictions through most of the year. When I stayed with that family, I had to take ‘military showers’ to save water. When I made a cup of tea and threw away the excess water, I got looks! People aren’t allowed to water their gardens during the day. It’s that bad in SA.
      Thanks, I love the contrast too! I love the ocean, the colour is so beautiful!


      1. I think water is something that those of us with a normally plentiful supply don’t think about too much. Though I can remember occasional Summers when we have had water restrictions and some places in the UK even ended up having to use stand pipes in the street to get their water. I imagine in SA, with its incredible heat, it would make people see water differently!


        1. Definetly! It’s so normal for me to have all the water I need. Since I experienced hot and dry SA, I know how different things can be. When they talk about a drought here in the Netherlands I tend to just laugh, because people here don’t know what drought is!


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