Sheep jam!

sheepjamOnly in New Zealand, right? I mean, in a country with around 60 million sheep, this just had to happen sometime! 🙂 I’d gotten a lift from fellow backpackers and somewhere along the way (I believe it was the Lindiss Pass, but I’m not sure) we got into this huge sheep jam. We had to stop the car and let the sheep go by. Hilarious! 😉 What I do like is that they let the sheep keep their tails. I never knew sheep had tails until I came to New Zealand. In The Netherlands they cut off the tails, although nowadays I see a growing number of sheep with their tails on. A good change, if you ask me!

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4 thoughts on “Sheep jam!

  1. We have encountered sheep on narrow country roads, but it seems odd seeing so many sheep on what looks like quite a busy road! I guess they were being moved to new pasture.


    1. Could very well be. On the South Island, busy road is a relative term. 😛 One lane in each direction is pretty common. It wasn’t too busy, not that many cars. I thought it just couldn’t get any more Kiwi than this! There are so many sheep in that country, it’s crazy! 🙂


      1. Sheep and wool are certainly synonymous with New Zealand for me! I think the road looked in such good condition compared to many roads in England (!!) … I think that’s what made me think it looked like a major road 😉


        1. Lol, they do!! Well, it is indeed the main, sealed road on the South Island. In general, I’d say road conditions are quite good in New Zealand. What surprises me though is that there are still heaps of unsealed roads. Perhaps logical in a sparsely populated area 🙂


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