Barossa Valley

barossa_valleyDuring my second visit to Australia in April 2005, I travelled to the Barossa Valley in South Australia. I used to hate wine, but after being introduced to delicious New Zealand wines (their white wines are exquisite!), I was willing to give Australian wine a try. At the time I was staying with a family with Dutch roots in Adelaide and they were kind enough to take me there. We visited several wineries. One of them was Jacob’s Creek. Their wines are sold in supermarkets here in The Netherlands. I have to smile every time I see Jacob’s Creek wine because I visited the winery myself! Australian red wines are my favourite, even though I hardly drink any and never buy it for myself. It’s mostly the memory that counts. 😉

Have you visited any vineyards? What was it like?

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2 thoughts on “Barossa Valley

  1. This brings back some memories for me! I worked just north of Adelaide in Clarendon at a winery for the vintage season a few years ago. It’s such a beautiful part of the world and I’d often get distracted looking at the scenery while I was working the grape crusher! I can recommend a great selection of wines to try from that area – D’Arenburg Winery was top notch and specialised in full-bodied reds like Shiraz and Grenache. I lived opposite and marvelled at their meticulous processes! Thanks for sharing!


    1. That is so awesome! I only visited the area for one day, so too short to see *everything*. It is indeed a beautiful part of the world. I wish I could have seen more. I’ll have to remember those wineries for a next time 😉 We visited a view wineries, but I can’t remember all of the names. I love Shiraz and Grenache!!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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