Alpine gaze

Mt. Cook, or Aoraki in Maori, has many different ‘faces’. I posted about it here, here and here, and I still can’t get enough of this amazing, majestic mountain. Whether gazed upon from afar or marvelled at from right under its ‘nose’, I find this place very special. Alpine areas fascinate me, because we don’tContinue reading “Alpine gaze”

The people you meet

When I first travelled to Australia for my Working Holiday, I quickly realised it was a way bigger adventure than I had anticipated. I felt lonely and completely unsure of how to approach my sudden burst of freedom. The first couple of days in Sydney I had spent with a new friend. But when sheContinue reading “The people you meet”

Hit the road, bro

You meet heaps of people when you travel, different kinds of people. That’s the beauty of it. I’ve noticed that plenty people, like me, enjoy organising things themselves when exploring a new country. I prefer using local information and there are times I don’t even open my Lonely Planet. When I visit a country I wantContinue reading “Hit the road, bro”