The Balconies


On the left you can see ‘The Balconies’ in a beautiful area known as ‘The Grampians’. The Grampians is a National Park in Victoria, Australia. Years ago, people were allowed to stand on The Balconies, but this is no longer the case, as it’s damaging to the formation and unsafe as well. When I was there, two people ignored all the signs and climbed onto them, only to be told off by a fellow traveller! Ha! Nobody else had any incentive to climb The Balconies and respected this amazing piece of nature as it was.

Have you ever been to The Grampians? Are there mountains where you live?

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5 thoughts on “The Balconies

  1. It’s certainly an impressive rock formation! I think it looks rather like the head of some huge sea monster that has somehow popped out high in the mountains 🙂
    … not that I’d be tempted to step out onto the edge there, but there’s always one (or two!) isn’t there who just have to go there!


    1. It’s beautiful out there! Lol. You can’t really see the lower ‘balcony’ that well on this picture, but it’s there. Oh no, I’m not tempted to do that either. Not only because it wasn’t allowed, but also because it really isn’t safe.


      1. Yes, rock formations can be very susceptible to erosion and weathering, so I can imagine it is only sensible for visitors to be encouraged to appreciate the rock from a distance. It is similar with the Hadrian’s Wall long distance walking path, a few miles from where we live – visitors are requested not to walk on the ruins of the Wall itself, to preserve it as long as possible.


        1. From an archaeological and conservation standpoint, I absolutely agree. It’s the same with the ‘hunebedden’ here in the Netherlands. People walk all over them, sit on them etc, but I find that very weird since they are neolithich burial places. Have a little respect, I’d say.


          1. I must say I’d not heard of the ‘hunebedden’ – I looked them up – fascinating aren’t they! I can see how people may be tempted to climb on them – though I do agree it isn’t very respectful. I think it seems the senses of wonder, awe and respect in some humans are not too well developed!


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