clouds_and_glaciallakeAs you may know, I love cloudy skies, so I just had to take a photo of this fascinating cloudy sky over a glacial lake. I can’t remember exactly where this was, but I think somewhere in Mackenzie country. The colours of this landscape are so different from what I’m used to so I really loved being here.

What does the landscape look like where you live? Any interesting features unique to your area?

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2 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Lovely cloudscape 🙂 The distant mountains set the scale and the clouds over the lake complete the picture. We see some impressive cloudscapes here on our hillside – from blood-red dawn clouds to black and yellow storm clouds … with the occasional ocean of gentle white mackerel clouds in Summer from time to time. I love clouds too 🙂


    1. Thank you! I love that it’s so completely different from what I’m used to. Oh wow, those cloudscapes you describe sound amazing! 🙂


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