Christmas together

For many, Christmas isn’t necessarily the most cheery time of the year. And this year, Christmas looks heaps different from previous years altogether. For me personally, all the jingle bells, tinsel filled, overhyped and commercial approach to Christmas is kind of overrated. And for the people I love, I don’t need a designated special time of the year to tell them that I love them. I’m not Scrooging through this time of year or ‘bah-ing and humbug-ing’, though. It’s rather a time to recharge my battery after an intense year of -mostly- working, and literally giving my body and mind a rest.

Being seasonal affective, the darker days are tough to get through anyway. Add to that the work load of a full time, deadline-filled job and you might get an idea of my energy levels at the end of the year, hahaha. I could picture myself crawling to the finish line, hand stretching out shakingly, like you see in dramatic death scenes in cartoons, hahaha. Normally, I’d have been able to recharge throughout the year by travelling, meeting friends, going to concerts etc. Not this year. This year, I hardly had any releases, which made the last stretch really tough. I made it and can now enjoy ‘lazy bum-mode’ for a few weeks.

Music is one of my releases. I had booked tickets to three concerts this year: Within Temptation & Evanescence, Alanis Morissette and Simply Red (last one with my mom). Unsurprisingly, all of them have been postponed until next year. I’m definitely keeping my tickets, because I’m excited to see them in concert and I think it’s important to show support. Last April, I rediscovered Tarja’s beautiful voice. She fell off my radar years ago (I know, don’t ask, shame on me), so I had a lot to catch up on. Tarja combines everything I’ve ever loved about music: the most beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics, emotion, a bit of drama, rock, film music, classical music, symphonic orchestra, piano, violin, cello. Best artist ever! ❤ Of course I had to book concert tickets for her shows in The Netherlands. 🙂 The concerts had already been postponed before I got my tickets. Unlucky circumstance led to lucky timing? Since getting these tickets, the concerts have been postponed until March 2022. The sensible thing to do during the pandemic, despite it being a bummer for all parties involved, obviously. Hey, at least I have something amazing to look forward to! I’ve also gotten a ticket for her Christmas concert, which has been postponed from earlier this December until next year.

I can’t imagine how hard it is for performing artists not being able to have their concerts. Like I don’t have my release in travelling, they don’t have their release in performing either. But the amazing artist that she is, Tarja organised two Christmas concert livestreams. How cool is that? They were held December 11th and 12th and I got tickets for both of them. I streamed the first one live and streamed the second one afterwards. Amazing, chills, beautiful…wow! And the cool thing is, they’ve now added Video On Demand, so folks can watch again! Which I definitely will! 🙂

What I especially loved about her Christmas concerts, is that it’s not the typical ‘jingle jangle’ kind of thing, which doesn’t suit her voice anyway. Instead, it was a calm, serene, elegant and subdued celebration with beautiful renditions of both Christmas songs and Ave Marias. My top three songs were Varpunen jouluaamuna, You would have loved this, Together. Though really all songs were absolutely amazing (the opening song, for instance, was an instrumental version of Pie Jesu, incredible. And don’t forget those beautiful Ave Marias).

At the risk of sounding like an informercial (hahaha): check out the teaser from Tarja’s YouTube Channel below. And if you want to watch for yourself, check out the website: I highly recommend!

My X-mas will be a quiet one. Mom and I have a lot of Star Trek: Discovery to catch up on. I’m sure we’ll also be watching some cheesy Christmas movies, like you do. I’ll be cuddling the heck out of our cats (though they usually make it look like I’m torturing them and give me evil looks, like typical adolescent cats!), I’ll be eating my dose of merengue wreaths (my absolute weakness during X-mas, I can never stop eating them and sugar crash afterwards) and have a generally lazy couple of days.

How about you? How will you be (alternatively) spending Christmas?

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8 thoughts on “Christmas together

  1. We are very lucky in WA and will be having an extra hot 35 degrees Christmas. I won’t be going to the beach though. My son and his girlfriend managed to get back to Perth. We have a family dinner on Christmas Eve, just seafood. Also my daughter and partner and their 2 year old son and 3 month old daughter will be coming. It’s going to be a very early Christmas morning for us.
    Merry Christmas to you and your mum

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    1. That sounds like wonderful Christmas plans! Hope it will be a lovely Christmas for you and your family!

      One of my best Christmases ever was in Perth. It was 2002 and at the hostel I was staying at (in Northbridge, I don’t think the hostel exists any more, it wasn’t that good, haha) we organically gathered a Christmas family of at least a dozen nationalities. We took a cruise on the Swan River, we saw Santa in shorts and spent the early evening BBQ-ing in King’s Park. Such good memories!

      Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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