Come closer

Dramatic skies, I love them! Sunday early in the evening on an August day, the island of Vlieland beckoned us for a visit to the beach. The others went for a swim, I took in this majestic interplay of clouds, colour and light. In the distance you can see some rain showers pouring down. Luckily,Continue reading “Come closer”

A big sandbox

The Dutch coast, a big sandbox bathing in sunlight. It’s such a nice area to soak up some salty air and feel the wind in your face. I love how on these photos the sand contrasts with the blue skies and darker cloudy haze in the distance. I believe I took these pictures a few yearsContinue reading “A big sandbox”

Island ingredients: wind, salty air, clouds and sun

Last weekend I spent a few days on the beautiful island of Vlieland. I’d never been to one of the Dutch islands before, so I was excited to go! I went over because a friend and her husband were going to run half a marathon (crazy sporty people! 🙂 ) and I would cheer them on!Continue reading “Island ingredients: wind, salty air, clouds and sun”

North Sea

The beach is a lovely place to let the wind clear your head. I love walking along the beach when it’s sunny and windy. I love the sound of waves and how the waves crash onto the beach. I don’t get out to the beach nearly enough. Maybe I should change that! There’s an ideaContinue reading “North Sea”