Island ingredients: wind, salty air, clouds and sun

Last weekend I spent a few days on the beautiful island of Vlieland. I’d never been to one of the Dutch islands before, so I was excited to go! I went over because a friend and her husband were going to run half a marathon (crazy sporty people! 🙂 ) and I would cheer them on! (Well, I mostly took pictures, haha) The train rides were smooth, the boat ride was nice and upon arrival it wasn’t hard to find my hotel.

My hotel room was huge! Wow, almost as big as my living room! I settled into my hotel room, explored the town and went for a walk. I walked every day, which gave me plenty of exercise! Out on the coast, it was very windy! I loved the wind, but after a while it got a bit much ploughing against such forces of nature! Could storm Bertha have had anything to do with this perhaps? 😉 The wind blew my worries out of my head for sure, and I felt refreshed and invigorated. In the forest, it wasn’t windy at all and I enjoyed the trees and soft walking paths (the mosquito bites not so much). I even went up to the lighthouse and saw various animals (donkeys, goats, horses). So lovely! I also made it down to the beach, by way of the dunes, to have a nice and stiff walk with the sporty friendlies, facing the wind head on. We walked from the edge of the local campsite to the harbour. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t cold at all!

I really enjoyed my time on Vlieland. I loved breathing the fresh salty air deep into my lungs and feeling the sun on my face. I hope to go back one day! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Island ingredients: wind, salty air, clouds and sun

  1. Super cool impression of your experience with all that is Vlieland, dear San! In text and imagery.
    Really enjoyed your race support and company. 😀
    ~one of those crazy sporty friendlies~


    1. Thanks Flow! Really enjoyed the island and would love to go back some time to explore more! 🙂 Have plenty more pictures, but didn’t want to cram everything into one post! Happy to have ‘cheered on’ by way of doing the clicky-clicky! You guys did great, even if you are a bunch of crazy sporty friendlies! 😛 ❤


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