Puffins and a gorgeous black sand beach

Reynisfjara, for me one of the highlights of my travels through Iceland. It was windy and -again- there were a lot of people of which quite many were climbing the basalt columns, which made it basically impossible to get a clean shot. But it was so beautiful and I’d happily return to this stunning placeContinue reading “Puffins and a gorgeous black sand beach”

There are 60 million sheep in New Zealand

And here are a few of those 60 million! I spent some time at Onuku Farm Hostel, on the beautiful Banks Peninsula. The hostel is on a working farm, so when you’re exploring the area or enjoy a game of volleyball, you’re sharing with some very fluffy neighbours! 🙂

Island ingredients: donkeys, horses, goats and seagulls

Vlieland has beautiful nature, but there are also plenty of animals. I love animals, so I thought I’d do a special post about the animals I saw on the island! On my first hike on the island, I first saw two very cute donkeys who were grazing on a field near the lighthouse. I satContinue reading “Island ingredients: donkeys, horses, goats and seagulls”