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Tag: iceland 2019

The Golden Circle

August 22 2019 I hopped on a plane to Reykjavík, Iceland. Finally, a dream was coming true! I’ve wanted to visit Iceland ever since I started riding Icelandic horses way […]

10 day travel photo challenge – Day 1

Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping that 2021 will bring some relief and signs of our lives going back to some kind of new ‘normal’. My Dusty Flipflops has nominated […]


It’s finally time to start sharing photos and travel stories from the amazing travels I made through Iceland in 2019! First, I’m sharing a photo of the beautiful Þingvellir. A […]


  How, nature…how do you do it? Creating these amazing basalt formations, so perfect, so mesmerising. Nothing can compete. What a magical place, enhanced further by puffins!