Day 3 of our Icelandic adventure was far from over and we made our way further south on the ring road. We stopped to have a walk up to Sólheimajökull, a glacier in the south of Iceland. There was quite a bit of debris on the ice, which I thought made it look rather mysterious.Continue reading “Sólheimajökull”

Ancient landscape

The Frans Jozef glacier has retreated much over the years, leaving a scarred, ancient landscape bare. I can’t help but wonder what it would have looked like ages ago, when the area was filled with ice and the forces of nature cut their way through, creating a glacial valley in the process. This landscape tells a storyContinue reading “Ancient landscape”

Bit icy…

First time I ever saw a glacier in real life, whether from up close or far away, was in New Zealand. This is the Franz Josef glacier on the rugged and beautiful west coast. Over time, the glacier has receded quite a bit, which isn’t really a good sign, but lucky for me there wasContinue reading “Bit icy…”

One glacier please, sunny not stirred

This is Franz Josef glacier on the South Island of New Zealand. This was the first time that I ever saw a glacier and I thought it was very impressive! The weather was amazing that day, so the colours and shadows of the ice made this a really spectacular view for me. I hiked onContinue reading “One glacier please, sunny not stirred”