10 day travel photo challenge – Day 1

Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping that 2021 will bring some relief and signs of our lives going back to some kind of new ‘normal’. My Dusty Flipflops has nominated me for the 10 day travel photo challenge. It sounds like fun, so I’m game! The 10 day travel photo phallenge is to post oneContinue reading “10 day travel photo challenge – Day 1”


It’s finally time to start sharing photos and travel stories from the amazing travels I made through Iceland in 2019! First, I’m sharing a photo of the beautiful Þingvellir. A place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, as it’s one of the oldest places where what we’d now consider a form of parliamentContinue reading “Þingvellir”

Take a deep breath

Gosh, I wish I was enjoying this calming view in Iceland in real life right now! Views for days, no stress and gorgeous nature to restore the soul. One of the best holidays I’ve had in what has become one of my favourite countries! I’ve yet to share more about my amazing adventures there! InsteadContinue reading “Take a deep breath”

Falling to pieces

Reynisfjara (Iceland) was stunning! Incredible basalt formations, puffins, foamy waves…and a part of the beach we couldn’t visit. The reason for this was that recently, big boulders and smaller rubble had fallen down from the cliff above, as you can see in this photo. And even when we were there, some rocks came tumbling down.Continue reading “Falling to pieces”