Take a deep breath

Gosh, I wish I was enjoying this calming view in Iceland in real life right now! Views for days, no stress and gorgeous nature to restore the soul. One of the best holidays I’ve had in what has become one of my favourite countries! I’ve yet to share more about my amazing adventures there!

Instead of reminiscing past holidays through blogging, I’ve had a bit of an unexpected hiatus. It may not have seemed that way, since the Which Way challenge has kept going (I’ve scheduled enough of those to last me a while). However, I haven’t posted other content in about a month or so. I’ve simply not had the time or space in my head to sit down and blog. I’ve not been reading any other blogs either. Work got real crazy and I’ve had to prioritise. While I like a bit of pressure and a relatively busy schedule, there comes a point where it stops being fun. About a week ago, I reached that point. I was super stressed and was basically trying to just get through each day. One day, I was in bed by ten past eight pm. Such a rock star!

While the pressure still isn’t off, I’m trying to destress, take a deep breath, and find a better balance. Somehow. I can’t determine my rate of success just yet, but I’ve made a start. I’ve treated myself to a massage, I’ve been able to go to the gym twice this week, and now I’m trying to catch up on blogging!

I might not get completely up to speed that quickly and I’m trying to stay afloat until my Christmas holidays next month, but I just wanted to show some sign of life! 🙂

How have you been?

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9 thoughts on “Take a deep breath

  1. What an amazing photo and I am MORE than happy to sit by this beauty and breathe … Instead, with the rain pouring outside and a to-do list tottering indoors, I will look at it and sigh for the pleasure of the beauty of this world. Thank you for sharing it! Na’ama

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    1. Thank you! Too bad busy lives get in the way, right? And pouring rain is of no help either. Reminiscing and at the same time anticiating warmer, lighter days!

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  2. I get it. I’ve been away from
    Blogland for too long now. I’ve missed it but life requires full attention from time to time. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Life is fodder for writing. I hope you get less stressed and can enjoy some of your awake time. And good for you for going to sleep when you needed it.

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    1. True. What do we do with this ‘life thing’ haha! And thank you. I hope the stress goes down too. Just gotta take one step at a time and jump in between every now and then 😛


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