Falling to pieces

Reynisfjara (Iceland) was stunning! Incredible basalt formations, puffins, foamy waves…and a part of the beach we couldn’t visit. The reason for this was that recently, big boulders and smaller rubble had fallen down from the cliff above, as you can see in this photo. And even when we were there, some rocks came tumbling down. I wouldn’t have wanted anything like that hitting me on the head, so instead I enjoyed this stunning piece of an equally stunning Iceland from a safe distance aka behind the yellow tape.

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18 thoughts on “Falling to pieces

  1. Last month while we were in Glacier National Park a young girl was killed by falling rocks on the Going To The Sun Road. Don’t mess with mother nature! Beautiful image and good choice to shoot from above.

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    1. Thank you. Indeed, there’s no messing with mother nature. Still, sorry to hear about the girl that was killed.


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