The tale of an early morning and three breakfasts

Thursday July 11th 2019

My alarm went off at 2.30 am, way too early for anything other than sleeping. But, I’m on a mission, because today, my holiday starts! I’m sleep deprived and my stomach doesn’t know why I’m eating at that time of day…ehr, night.

I hopped on a night bus and then another one. I made my way to the airport for a flight to Sweden at too-early-o’clock. It was my own choice though, so that I would have plenty of time to make the 3,5-hour journey to Mora. I think I had about three breakfasts. Still unsure why, but I just rolled with it. The flight was bumpy and in combination with my early ‘wake-up-time’ (though who’s really awake at that hour?) it left me rather nauseous. But I survived and arrived at Stockholm Arlanda International Airport relatively unscathed. From the airport, I took a train to Borlänge from where I changed trains to Mora Strand. All fine and good, it was smooth train-ing (can’t call it smooth sailing, after all) (I’m feeling punny today, so sorry not sorry, haha).

I arrived in Mora at a decent hour and I went straight to the hotel, which was a stone’s throw away from the train station (if you throw well that is…my throw would fall short). Unfortunately, my room wasn’t ready yet so I stored my luggage at the hotel and went into town. I’ve been to Mora before and it’s not that big, so I knew exactly where to go. My stomach was still confused as to what was happening, so I fed it some lasagna and pie at the local Wayne’s Coffee. So good! After 3 pm I could finally enjoy my hotel room, which I thoroughly did. It was a lovely hotel with a great shower and an even greater bed (I mean figuratively, but I suppose the bed was bigger than the bathroom anyway, so literally works too).

It was lovely to relax for a bit, before my trekking would start the next day. I took time to repack and figure out how I was going to get to the start in the first place, considering I didn’t have a car and was not doing a trail with the start and finish in the same place. I learnt that the bus would leave at 2.35 pm meaning I would get to the start of the trail around 4 pm. As meh as I was about this in the beginning, I quickly shifted my thoughts around to something positive: hiking is not a 9-5 thing, be flexible, there is enough day light and you were planning to stay at the first hut anyway. A much better mindset, don’t you think?

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