Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)

Friday July 12th 2019

I had a good night’s sleep and a wonderful extensive breakfast. I had plenty of time in the morning, so I relaxed a bit in my hotel room before checking out. I went to the local visitors information centre where I left the luggage I wasn’t taking with me on the trail. I double checked the busses I needed to take. I thought about taking a taxi but quickly discarded that because of the much higher costs (bus: 113 kronor, taxi: around 1500 kronor). And on I went!

After a few hours and a bus change half way, I made it to the start of the Vasaloppsleden, a bucket list item I was keen on checking off! I chatted a bit with the woman working at the information centre. Coincidentally, we were wearing the same awesome hiking leggings, which we both concluded were an excellent buy!

I set my first footsteps on the trail at around 4.10 pm and arrived at Smågan hut around 7 pm. It took me about three hours, which I think is not half bad! The weather was gorgeous, rather warm actually, but I was feeling badass trekking through the amazing Swedish forest. I did have a bit of rain, but not really much to write home about. Basically just a few drops here and there, quickly dissipating into a bit of drizzle.

As I got closer to the first hut, my feeling of badassness increased. I’m really out here, doing this 90 km trekking all by myself. Woop woop! The hut was situated beautifully and I had the whole place to myself. Well, apart from the trazillions of mosquitos outside wanting to suck my blood (bloody vampires!). A little walk down the road there was a little building where you could get drinking water out of an electrically driven faucet. Most excellent!

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