Island ingredients: donkeys, horses, goats and seagulls

Vlieland has beautiful nature, but there are also plenty of animals. I love animals, so I thought I’d do a special post about the animals I saw on the island!

On my first hike on the island, I first saw two very cute donkeys who were grazing on a field near the lighthouse. I sat on a bench to eat my banana and then another hiker told me to look behind me: both donkeys were very interested in my food and I’m sure hoped I would give them some (which I didn’t). After that I saw to goats enjoying a nibble of grass, some lazy time and some scratch time. The little goat really liked all the attention the little kids gave him. Horses…I love horses and especially Icelandic horses like this beautiful brown one! I used to ride Icelandic horses myself and they are an amazing breed. In another paddock were two Friezen (Frysian horses). I’ve never ridden one myself, but I think they are so incredibly majestic and beautiful. And lastly, you can’t be near sea and not see seagulls. 🙂

Do you like animals and if so, what are your favourites?


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2 thoughts on “Island ingredients: donkeys, horses, goats and seagulls

  1. Yup! What’s not to love in this post?
    Lovely pictures and story as always San. ❤

    Whenever I visit Vlieland I feel 'miles away from it all'; true holiday spirit even though it's so local, and so inspiring as well. 😀



    1. Thanks Flow!! Yes, I agree. When I was on the island, I felt miles away and it felt like a mini holiday. I’ll be back one day! 🙂


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