When you go hiking, it’s smart to wear special hiking or trekking socks in your boots. Hiking socks are available from various brands and in various thicknesses, depending on the terrain and how warm the area is that you’re going to hike in. The thicker the sock, the more wool is generally used. Thicker socks feel more ‘padded’. The aim of any hiking sock is so transport moisture in order to keep your feet dry so you won’t get blisters. A perfect way to get blisters is to slide in your socks and boots. When your feet get sweaty, that doesn’t help the anti-blister efforts in any way either.


One of the most well known brands of hiking socks is Falke. I have several pairs. You can buy them in various thicknesses, the higher the number the thinner the sock and the more suitable it is for warm weather. I’ve used them many times over and was happy with them. Except for the fact that my feet didn’t stay as dry as I would like. Because my boots are so well broken in, I never had any blisters, but I still felt I slid in my socks sometimes.

Sports socks

Believe it or not, I actually tried regular sports socks as hiking socks. It wasn’t a successful effort, haha. While wearing sports socks in your boots for normal use is fine, when hiking, I slid too much in my socks and I felt that I had to tie my shoes really tightly to prevent that. Since I don’t like my boots so tightly, I abandoned using sports socks.

HEMA socks

HEMA is a very well-known warehouse chain in the Netherlands. They offer a diverse range of products for a decent price, including a range of outdoor socks. I tried a few different pairs. I was actually pleasantly surprised. While a pair of Falke socks easily costs around 17 euros, a pair at the HEMA cost around 6 euros. I liked how these socks felt tighter around my feet and my feet stayed drier. While I don’t use these socks on extensive trekkings, they are fine for short trips.


The shizzle! I was trying out new hiking boots and the saleswoman recommended SmartWool to me. She said that she always wears them and would never go back to non-wool socks. I wasn’t familiar with SmartWool so I got curious, took her advice and bought a pair. I LOVE them! Where Falke socks have quite a large synthetic component, SmartWool socks are made of mostly wool. My feet stay dry, the socks fit nice and tightly around my feet, and I don’t feel like I’m sliding in my socks and boots. I now have a few different pairs, ranging in thickness, and I love them! 🙂

SmartWool Socks

What are your experiences with outdoor socks? Any favourites?

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8 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. We have tried Brasher and Bridgedale walking socks – not usually very cheap! … but comfortable and seem to last a while. We tend to choose wool with some stretchiness for a snug fit – as you are saying, socks need to fill the boot and not let your feet slide around. Oldies, like me, really do like our feet to be comfortable 🙂


    1. I googled that brand, and indeed…they are not cheap. But, if they are comfortable to wear and good for the feet, then it’s worth it. Yes, snug, stretchy, wool, perfect combination! SmartWool socks aren’t cheap either, but comfort counts for something (everything) indeed! Who doesn’t like their feet comfy? 🙂

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  2. Socks! Yes I have a socks story. I did my first trek in 2013. Unfortunately the first shop we went to to buy our boots and socks was a camping shop not a trekking gear shop. Mistake, big mistake. The woman sold me bamboo socks. Don’t buy bamboo socks for trekking they hold too much moisture, though I was told they wouldn’t. Anyway those socks, of which there were several pairs were actually a direct cause of turning around on our trek before our destination. There is a whole story around this and I have been planning to do a post on socks too.

    Where was the destination? Everest Base Camp. So those socks really have a lot to answer for. But I am happy to say we made it to Base Camp in October last year. Those stories are on my blog The Year I Touched My Toes( wordpress). As Nepal is on your bucket list maybe you should stop by. I intend yo come back and read more of your posts but this Socks post, struck a cord.

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    1. Oh man, what an unfortunate situation! I’ve never even heard of bamboo socks, but reading this, I think that’s a good thing! I’ll just stick to my woolen socks.

      I hope to one day be able to go to Nepal and Everest Base Camp. But without bamboo socks, that much is certain. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. HI again San, I have been looking for this post, I couldn’t remember whose blog it was on. When I get around to it I might repost it on my blog if you don’t mind but I would let you know when I do. Is that ok?

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        1. Hi again! Glad you found it back ;-). As long as you give me credit and don’t alter my post, I’m totally fine with you reposting it on your blog. Would of course love to take a peek when you get to posting! 🙂

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