The answer is blowin’ in the wind

When I biked home from the train station yesterday, there was quite a bit of wind. Autumn has truly arrived now. Temperatures are dropping, days are rapidly getting shorter and paddling against the wind has become a little more challenging than on a cruisy summer’s day. I always struggle with my energy levels during these changeable, stormy months. This coming Saturday night we go into daylight saving and I’ll soon be leaving for work in the dark as well as coming home in the dark.

Despite the challenges that Autumn presents, I actually really enjoyed my bike ride in the wind yesterday. As if the wind opened up my senses. I took deep breaths and couldn’t help but smile as I felt the wind pound against my body. I felt alive.

Perhaps it has something to do with having grown up near the coast. I love long walks on the beach, where the salty air and wind have a revitalising effect on me. There’s always some wind in the place I grew up in. Where I live now, there is less wind and it’s still a bit weird to me, albeit having lived here for about 8 years now. To me, wind is both soothing and energising! I’m always happier when there is at least a slight breeze or even more of a gustier wind.

I’m like that when I travel too. Don’t get me wrong, I love warmth on my skin and haven’t turned into a yeti. I’d just rather be on a colder and windier Stewart Island, New Zealand (see photo) than in a blistering hot (45°C!) and windless Exmouth, Australia unwilling to move a finger.

Wind has some kind of magical, energising power to awaken me and pull my face into a big smile ready for adventure!

How about you? Wind, yay or nay? Or perhaps another weather phenomenon that energises you?

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12 thoughts on “The answer is blowin’ in the wind

  1. I’m a motorcyclist, so the wind for me is actually my worst kind of weather to be riding in. I currently live in Cornwall in the UK, and come winter, it gets really stormy. I have actually been blown off my bike. Definitely not a fan, lol. But great article 👌

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    1. Yes, I can totally understand that wind is horrible as a motorcyclist and that you’re not a fan! Sometimes I see people on motorcycles with nothing but a t-shirt and jeans and I just don’t want to think what would happen if they gets blown off their bike! Thanks for commenting and liking the article!


      1. It can be s scary experience. My bike was totally trashed in storms about 4 years ago when it got blown over several times by the wind. It doesn’t help that I’m little either at 5.2 and weighing less than 60kg lol. I would just get blown around like a rag doll. Give me snow, heat, rain any day but I hate ridibg in the wind. It will be interesting to see what New Zealand North Island has to offer when I fly over in November for at least 6 months 😊

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        1. Oh wow, that is scary indeed! And lucky you for spending at least 6 months in New Zealand! And I’m ‘not jealous’ at all, haha! Plenty of empty roads to enjoy, so you’ll be fine in that regard! 🙂


  2. While there are days when wind can feel overstimulating to me, I overall agree with your sentiment of the energizing aspect of wind, especially the kind that wrestles the leaves into spinners and tickles waves a little taller than they would be otherwise. Granted, the wind on the beach can a be annoying if one is trying to rest in the sunshine, but when one is taking a walk on the beach (which is by far my favorite thing to do), the wind speaks to the surf in a language I enjoy. Na’ama

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