Roots and belonging

This week’s photography challenge inspires me greatly. I live in the Netherlands and I’ve always felt the confines of the small country I call my home. With 17 million people on a small stretch of land that you can drive through from one end to the other in about three hours, I sometimes feel claustrophobic.Continue reading “Roots and belonging”

Wisdom begins in wonder

Wonder is one of those words that mean many things. Whether it’s thinking or speculating about something in a curious way, or to be filled with amazement and a sense of awe. Everybody probably has some kind of sentiment to the word wonder. Socrates put it so eloquently in the phrase ‘wisdom begins in wonder.’Continue reading “Wisdom begins in wonder”

Three things people don’t tell you

When talking about backpacking, chances are you’ll be hearing stories about how amazing it was, how travelling gives you so much freedom, how awesome it is to meet new people etc. Sounds about right? Well, all of those things are true, but there are three things people don’t tell you about backpacking. 1. Arranging stuffContinue reading “Three things people don’t tell you”

The Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things someone wants to do before they die a.k.a. before they ‘kick the bucket’. Life can pass by so quickly and before we know it, we’re old and full of regrets. It’s so easy to get swallowed by the treadmill of life where you work, eat, sleep, pay bills andContinue reading “The Bucket List”

The people you meet

When I first travelled to Australia for my Working Holiday, I quickly realised it was a way bigger adventure than I had anticipated. I felt lonely and completely unsure of how to approach my sudden burst of freedom. The first couple of days in Sydney I had spent with a new friend. But when sheContinue reading “The people you meet”

The kindness of strangers

My first ever solo travel took me to Denmark. I had a working holiday and spent about a week picking strawberries on a small island (omg, it was so cold in the morning that I got a bladder infection!). I was out of my depth and initially wanted to run home. I didn’t and endedContinue reading “The kindness of strangers”