Workings of the travel bug

Like a perfectly normal human being, you go about your business and are quite content with that rhythm of daily life. You do your thing, have your routines, do your work. Then, something starts to jiggle. Could be your toe, could be your ear…but all jokes aside, you know it’s the travel bug. You don’t wantContinue reading “Workings of the travel bug”

Travelling as an introvert

One of the gifts of getting -cough- older is that I get to know myself better. Things I didn’t understand as a newbie traveller make a whole lot more sense now. This not only has to do with becoming a more experienced traveller, it encompasses all aspects of life, really. Whatever curve ball is andContinue reading “Travelling as an introvert”

The value of doing nothing

“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing” – Winnie the Pooh – I’m reflecting on a busy week at work. I love my job and I secretly love being busy at times too. I’ve been accomplishing things, been productive and gotten in a flow. And it feels rewarding. People are always on the go, always availableContinue reading “The value of doing nothing”

Post-travel blues

I’ve been back at work for three weeks now, after a wonderful holiday in Norway. I caught myself having a bit of post-travel blues. It’s been a rocky few months and my Norwegian adventure couldn’t have been timed better. I enjoyed catching up with my Norwegian friend, who visited me in the Netherlands last year. IContinue reading “Post-travel blues”

Travelling solo

Sometimes people tell me that they think it’s brave of me to travel by myself and that they could never do it themselves. My response to that is usually along the lines of everybody being different and wanting different things, and how that’s completely fine. Sometimes people seem to pity me for not having someoneContinue reading “Travelling solo”

Tourist vs. traveller

The whole ‘tourist vs. traveller’ thing isn’t exactly a new topic. Google taught me that many articles were written about the supposed differences or sameness of both terms. The definition of both terms isn’t that different either. I’m not going to read all those articles or regurgitate what others have written. But maybe I am still writingContinue reading “Tourist vs. traveller”

Smells like travel spirit

On my way to the train station yesterday morning, I cycled through a local park, and came past this field of wildflowers, picking up that herbal chamomile scent. The smell reminds me of holiday, of travel and of freedom. And then it got me thinking…what other smells remind me of those things? Smells that makeContinue reading “Smells like travel spirit”

Ex post facto

In retrospect, what has travelling taught me so far? I know who I am when I travel. And I like it. Nature is like water. I thrive in it. I can be Dutch, European and a world citizen at different times and all at the same time. There is no rush in the mountains. It’sContinue reading “Ex post facto”