Smells like travel spirit

On my way to the train station yesterday morning, I cycled through a local park, and came past this field of wildflowers, picking up that herbal chamomile scent. The smell reminds me of holiday, of travel and of freedom. And then it got me thinking…what other smells remind me of those things? Smells that make it hard to stay in my seat, because I just want to get out there, explore and do stuff!

Here are -in random order- a few smells that remind me of travelling and being in the great outdoors!

  • Camp fire
  • Fire place
  • Chamomile
  • Salty sea air
  • Crisp mountain air
  • Evening after a hot summer’s day

Do you know what smells I mean? What smells remind you of travel?

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2 thoughts on “Smells like travel spirit

  1. Wow what a great list. I’d say for me it’s fall leaves (because I’ve often done road trips in the fall), the ocean, and baked goods (because I always sample them when I travel).

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