Post-travel blues

View from the top of Rampestreken, Åndalsnes

I’ve been back at work for three weeks now, after a wonderful holiday in Norway. I caught myself having a bit of post-travel blues.

It’s been a rocky few months and my Norwegian adventure couldn’t have been timed better. I enjoyed catching up with my Norwegian friend, who visited me in the Netherlands last year. I gladly returned the favour by coming over to visit her and we had a blast! I also had very sore muscles from all those hikes, whilst having a big smile of feeling accomplished. I instantly fell in love with Norway’s absolutely stunning nature. So much space and so little people, which is hard to grasp when you’re from an overpopulated country like I am. I loved it. I found it incredible to realise that such a beautiful country exists only a short flight away.

Whilst back in the office, or at home even, I find my mind wandering, reminiscing outdoor adventures and long summer days spent doing whatever. This blogpost is a prime example of trying to keep that feeling alive as long as I can. I just realised, my entire blog is a way for me to keep post-travel blues as far away as possible! I suppose it was the reason I started blogging in the first place. Revelation! 🙂

Don’t we all experience that wonderful carefree feeling when we travel? Don’t we all have a little bit of trouble getting back into the groove of adult life after wonderful adventures on exciting destinations, no matter how awesome our jobs may be? It may take a little time, especially when the feeling of travelling freedom doesn’t want to leave us juuust yet. Maybe we just deal with it and put in the hours to save up for a new adventure!

Do you experience post-travel blues? What do you do to get back into the groove of daily work life? Anything you do to try and hold onto that ‘travel feeling’?

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14 thoughts on “Post-travel blues

  1. I’m glad you had a great break! I’ve never been to Norway, but it looks so beautiful! I can totally identify with everything you said in your post though!! I get terrible post travel blues and often just want to run straight to the airport and jump back on a plane to anywhere! Like you, one of the reasons I started blogging was to keep the adventures of my travels alive! It certainly helps to remember them and look back at the photos, etc. I also love reading others blogs/posts and see what adventures they’ve had – I always learn something new and often find new places to add to my wish list 🙂 My mind is always on the next trip though, so I try to hold on to that, earn the money I need to actually do it and enjoy the planning! I hope the blues pass quickly for you though, it’s always hard coming back and settling back into normal life.

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    1. Thank you! Norway is soooo beautiful! I was blown away and would love to go back sooner rather than later!
      Haha, and I relate! My mind just wanders and thinks up all these amazing destinations to go to and activities to do. I may or may not be thinking (dreaming) about my summer holidays next year already, but I just have to pace myself. Because I work more than my contract, I have nine weeks of holiday time and I haven’t had any troubles in using every last hour of it! 😀

      But we can’t have travel without the work, so on we go! Even though my mind wanders a bit every now and then 😉

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        1. Yep, we gotta put in the work to have the fun! 🙂 Yeah, nine weeks is pretty awesome. Many colleagues do that. I wouldn’t mind a six month holiday twice a year though 😛

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  2. Ik zet altijd een mooie vakantiefoto als screensaver op de computer/tablet. Kan ik nog een tijdje nagenieten!


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