One day at a time: similarities between travelling and the current lockdown situation

The seventh week of working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic has ended. We’re still in lockdown. The world has been turned upside down. Daily life has lost its effortlessness. I know there are people struggling right now. Understandable, as we’re in this situation for who knows how long. The lack of perspective is driving people nuts.

I get it. Something simple as going to the grocery store or going for a walk has become quite stressful for me. While most people will do their best to keep a distance of one and a half meters, there are still plenty of people that don’t pay attention. I’m constantly looking over my shoulder to see if someone isn’t breathing down my neck, as it were. I’m not worried so much about getting sick myself. I just don’t want to pass it on to someone else and cause hurt that way. Also, I stay home so people in essential professions can keep working. As everyone should. It’s as simple as that.

My life has been impacted too. I have ups and downs and cabin fever, just like everyone else. My weekend in London at the beginning of April was cancelled, as is the Fjällräven Classic Sweden that I was going to participate in this August. I was supposed to go to a concert in April which had to be rescheduled (yet I highly doubt it will happen then). I was also hoping to go to New Zealand early 2021, but I have no idea if that’s going to happen at all. I’m not counting on it, though. I haven’t seen my co-workers face-to-face in almost two months. Videoconferencing drains my energy so fast. I haven’t been able to go to the gym for months either. I’ve been slacking in my healthy eating and am sure I’ve gained weight.

But I’m fine right now.

And I’ve realised that this is why…

I’m an abstract thinker, I have an associative, conceptual mind. I love making plans, strategising, thinking about what the future will bring in however many scenarios I can think of. Well basically, I think a lot in general, haha. Because of this, it takes more effort for me to be in the here and now, to basically use my senses instead of my brain. It’s exciting to plan and think, but it can also wear and stress me out, leaving me exhausted and wired.

When I know I’m travelling again, I can basically have a party planning everything. When I hop on that plane, the adventure has truly started. Then once I arrive at my destination all I want is for it to last as long as possible. I want to soak up everything, remember everything, feel everything. Basically, I start using my senses more and my thinky brain less. I slow down, take life day by day. I still plan ahead, but not as much as I generally do. When I travel, I enjoy the moment. I’m in the here and now. I relax. I’m all I’ve got and I realise that I can truly count on myself. Travelling like that brings out my best, most confident and content self.

I’m basically in the same kind of boat now in this lockdown situation. There’s no use worrying over things I can’t control. Scenarios and future are useless concepts right now. I take life one day at a time. I’m in the here and now. I’ve settled into a routine. I have time to pick up hobbies again. Heck, I’ve even read a book again for the first time in who knows how long! I’ve become much more relaxed. I have less outside influence and stimuli. I use my senses more, which is wonderfully calming. I journal to get the thoughts out and to remember this period in my life. I’m thrown back to myself. As I’ve learnt on my travels before: I can rely on myself and be okay.

And that is a darn good feeling to keep me going in these complicated times!

How are you doing?

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17 thoughts on “One day at a time: similarities between travelling and the current lockdown situation

  1. I hear you, it’s unpredictable times at the mo. I’m on my 5th week of lockdown here in New Zealand. Hubby has gone back to work but I work in a hotel and it’s still possible that I could still get made redundant. One day at a time is the only way to keep going. I might too plan me next trip for when we come out of this.

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    1. Definitely unpredictable. Bummer to hear you might still get made redundant. That’s not easy to live with! Take care and one day, we’ll be able to go out on a trip again!

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  2. sounds like you are far ore content when you live in the moment eg travelling and lockdown. Good to document that and bring it more into your life after lockdown! I’m pretty sure travel should be more normal by 2021 so NZ should happen 🙂

    I’d doing well had just started a road trip when lockdown came in so hopefully I will return home in the coming week. This is my preferred lifestyle, lockdown. But I’ve travelled broadly for many years, and hope to settle down once this eases … as in hopefully find my forever home 🙂

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    1. I try 🙂 And maybe that’s the beautynof learning and getting older, haha. Of course I hope NZ will happen, but I’ll just see. It will be there a year later as well, though I’m obviously excited to return to my favourite country!

      Good to hear you are well. Road trip sounds fun but also complicated in this situation. Good luck on finding your forever home 😉

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  3. when this worldwide lockdown started I was in the north of Spain already for two weeks. I didn´t have much money but after finding a really cheap bus from Porto to Bilbao I decided to go… I had a really great time in the Basque country. I met amazing people in Vitoria Gasteiz, one of the most important towns. I returned to Lisbon without money but with good memories… and, in fact, if I had postponed this trip, now I wonder when I could be back on the road again… I could have saved some money but I certainly had lost a great time 🙂 all the best, PedroL

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    1. Good to hear it worked out then! Yeah, we don’t know when we can roam about again. We’ll see! Stay healthy!

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  4. You seem to be doing ok and looking on the brighter side of when things will open.
    I’m sure NZ will still be there in a few years time, I would also like to go back again as this was in my 2yr plan.
    Has the lockdown changed the places you want to visit in the future?
    I was just starting my Australian road trip before things turned upside down and painting like there was no tomorrow to get my artworks ready for my first exhibition. Unfortunately that was cancelled along with all the campsites luckily I have a place for now at my mums bnb.
    Now I’ve finished most of my projects I’m starting to get cabin fever which has been delayed compared to everyone else I think.

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    1. Yeah, doing ok. Glad I have my base covered. My job isn’t in any danger, I have a roof over my head. So does my mom. So that’s good.
      Oh, that’s such a bummer to hear about your exhibition. Your paintings are so amazing! Beautiful work! Hope that once this is over, you get to have your exhibition anyway!
      Delayed or not, I think everyone deals with cabin fever every once in a while.
      My plans have definitely changed due to the Covid-19 situation. I basically can’t go anywhere and have no idea when it’s allowed to go roam again. But, there are worse things in life. At least I’m not able to spend heaps of money on travels right now, so who knows some amazing adventures are in store! Like going to Greenland, going back to Iceland etc.
      Take care and stay safe!

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      1. Iceland is on my bucket list to, my sister has been and said it was amazing but expensive.
        Who knows when this is going to be over, but hey it gives you plenty of time to save.
        They are talking about a transatlantic bubble where we should be able to travel to NZ from Australia in a few months time as neither of our countries have many active cases.
        Then little outbreaks occur or infected people come back from overseas and our cases go back up, so who knows.
        Anyway take care and catch up on your blogging.
        Oh and thanks for the compliments on my artwork

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        1. Iceland is amazing!! I really want to go back. Yes, it’s expensive, but so is New Zealand, hehe.

          Would be great if you can at least go to NZ. Indeed, who knows what will happen.

          You’re welcome!

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