Spread your wings and fly

nz_hopewell2Another shot taken at beautiful Hopewell Lodge. I can’t get enough of this place and I know I’ll be back there some day! I was enjoying the scenery from the stone ‘jetty’/steps at Hopewell. This shag was sitting on one of the poles, getting ready to take flight. I guess I took a photo of the fellow in just the right moment 🙂

Travelling through New Zealand has given me a great appreciation for birds. At home, I love blackbirds, robins and little sparrows. You know, the cute little birds. New Zealand has such a rich bird life, and while I still prefer the cute little birds, I couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of this shag.

What are your favourite birds?

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7 thoughts on “Spread your wings and fly

  1. Great photo! As a long-time birdwatcher I find all birds fascinating to watch. I love the garden songbirds – the robin, blackbird, song thrush, dunnock, wren. I can watch dippers and grey wagtails on the river for hours. Then there are the majestic birds of prey: red kites wheeling, twisting and hanging in the air; buzzards soaring high on their broad wings. We look forward to the swallows and warblers returning as the days lengthen – a sure sign of Summer not far off. There are so many to enjoy 🙂


    1. Thank you! I was happy to capture the fellow before he took off! Birds are amazing! I may not know all the names and species (in Dutch or English, lol), but I don’t think that distracts me from enjoying them! I love the cute little birds, but I have to admit, birds of prey are impressive as well! On my brother’s wedding we had a bird of prey demonstration. I held a 2 kg eagle on my hand. Wow! 🙂


      1. Oh, you are so right, San – just watching birds is a pleasure in itself. We don’t need to know their names to enjoy them all. HA! you write in English so well, I forget you are Dutch 😉 I can imagine the bird of prey demonstration was wonderful. We have been to a few over the years, but what a lovely idea for a wedding day. That eagle sounds amazing – a special memory too, I would think 🙂


        1. We don’t need their names, but I love learning. 🙂 There are plenty of birds I don’t know the Dutch name of, let alone the English one! Plus, as I’ve noticed on my travels, some birds don’t live over here so then I just have to find out what they’re called! My favourite birds are still the blackbirds. Simply because we always had them in our garden when I was growing up. There’s nothing better than waking up to a bird concert! Even this morning, I was treated to beautiful birdsong!

          Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that! I love English, it’s such a beautiful language. 🙂

          There were various kinds of birds of prey during the demonstration. Among others, they had the cutest tiny owl. She was adorable and super friendly as everyone wanted to pet her.


          1. I can imagine when you are travelling you will see so many different birds it may be difficult to remember all of their names! I love blackbirds too – it’s so lovely to hear a blackbird singing from it’s perch on a tree or rooftop on a summer’s evening. Ah, waking up and hearing the dawn chorus is another Springtime treat to look forward to 🙂
            We have met a few owls – I think they have wonderful eyes and the way they move their heads gives them so much character … they really do look ‘wise’ 🙂


            1. I have to say, I feel that way about more animals. Elephants, in particular, can look so incredibly wise. It makes my heart bleed that people would poach these majestic animals for their tusks. And even my own gorgeous cats can have such wisdom and character in their eyes, that I often wonder what they must be thinking and feeling. I think animals are a lot more intelligent than many people give them credit for.
              And you’ve inspired me to post more animal photos 🙂


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