A day at the zoo

After I posted my last blogpost, I had a lovely conversation about the beauty of birds. It then progressed to the wisdom you can see in animals’ eyes. The animal kingdom is amazing. It inspired me to post some pictures I took during a visit to Artis (Amsterdam Zoo) last summer, to showcase the beauty and wisdom that animals possess. And let’s not forget the character! 🙂











What are your favourite animals, domestic or wild?

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5 thoughts on “A day at the zoo

  1. Oh what fabulous photos! My youngest son (who is really into animals) loved your post too 🙂 He was especially impressed with the Scimitar Oryxes … he tells me they are extinct in the wild sadly. They do look so serene, despite those huge horns. I think the elephants are my favourites. They are such wonderfully social animals. I think it is a real tragedy the way they are being hunted down so savagely for their tusks. I love watching animal programmes on TV. It’s great to learn more about animals from all over the world as well as our own local UK wildlife.


    1. Thank you and your son! 🙂 I was very lucky with the good weather that day to make these animals shine on camera! 🙂 The Scimitar Oryxes, or algazellen as we call them, were beautiful! The white almost seemed to glow in the sunshine. So sad to hear they are extinct in the wild. Elephants are amazing and they are so social. But then again, so many animals are amazing, domestic or wild. I just hope people will take care of the world’s wildlife enough for them to roam free and let us enjoy them in their natural habitats.


      1. I certainly agree – we need to do all we can to protect our natural environments and the people, animals and plants that rely on them … ultimately, that is all of us! Thank you for giving us the Dutch name for the Oryxes … it’s fascinating to see how different languages name our animals! ‘Oryx’ is from Greek, so I am told 😉


  2. I really enjoyed Artis Zoo. The animals looked well taken care of, compared to other Zoo’s I’ve been to. Gorgeous pictures! Very nicely done 🙂


    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed these photos! I agree, the animals look well taken care off. The enclosures are quite small compared to newer zoos (Artis is one of the oldest zoos in Europe), but I believe they’re working to change that bit by bit. Great place to enjoy and learn about animals. 🙂

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