Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)

Saturday July 13th 2019 My alarm went off at 7.30 am. My breakfast consisted of bread and cheese, and a cup of tea. Somehow, it wasn’t the experience I was hoping for, the cheese was lacking flavour and the bread was very sweet. But it was food and I needed the calories, so munch munch!Continue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)”

Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)

Friday July 12th 2019 I had a good night’s sleep and a wonderful extensive breakfast. I had plenty of time in the morning, so I relaxed a bit in my hotel room before checking out. I went to the local visitors information centre where I left the luggage I wasn’t taking with me on theContinue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)”

The tale of an early morning and three breakfasts

Thursday July 11th 2019 My alarm went off at 2.30 am, way too early for anything other than sleeping. But, I’m on a mission, because today, my holiday starts! I’m sleep deprived and my stomach doesn’t know why I’m eating at that time of day…ehr, night. I hopped on a night bus and then anotherContinue reading “The tale of an early morning and three breakfasts”

Love you more

Our New Zealand adventure was sadly coming to an end. From Dunedin, we only had to get to Christchurch so we could take our flight home the next day. Because it was on the way, we stopped to marvel at the Moeraki Boulders. I’ve wanted to see them for a long time, but never hadContinue reading “Love you more”

Dunedin alternatively

After Queenstown we headed to Dunedin, a place we were keen to check out. I’ve been to Dunedin before, so we decided to do things a little bit differently, and do other things than I’d done here before. We stayed at Hogwartz, a hostel I’d stayed at before and really liked, so I thought itContinue reading “Dunedin alternatively”

Queenstown Gardens

On our second day in Queenstown we went to the Queenstown Gardens. Ironically enough, even after having been to Queenstown several times before, I’d never been to the gardens. And I have no idea why, because it’s such a lovely place! The weather had cooled down a bit and it was windy, but still lovelyContinue reading “Queenstown Gardens”

Fudge & burgers

Ah, good ‘ol Queenstown. I still don’t know what to make of this place. I enjoy it, I like it, there is heaps to do, but it’s also very party-ish and touristy. Still worth a visit, I’d say and that’s exactly what mom and I did after driving down from Wanaka. There was a marketContinue reading “Fudge & burgers”

Cardrona & Arrowtown

Let’s continue sharing the travels around New Zealand that my mom and I enjoyed! The next destination after Wanaka was Queenstown. It’s just a short drive between these two places so we decided to take the scenic Cardrona Road and make a stop in Arrowtown. Here are some photos from the stretch between Wanaka and Queenstown.Continue reading “Cardrona & Arrowtown”