Dunedin alternatively

After Queenstown we headed to Dunedin, a place we were keen to check out. I’ve been to Dunedin before, so we decided to do things a little bit differently, and do other things than I’d done here before. We stayed at Hogwartz, a hostel I’d stayed at before and really liked, so I thought itContinue reading “Dunedin alternatively”

A day in the capital

During our stay in Plimmerton, mom and I decided to spend a day exploring Wellington. First up, we went to the Te Papa Museum. Kind of a ‘no-brainer must-do’ when you’re in Wellington. It’s a beautiful museum, well laid out and with a friendly atmosphere. We also enjoyed the view over the city from the topContinue reading “A day in the capital”

My 4 favourite musea in Amsterdam

While I mainly blog about nature and landscapes, I felt like blogging about something a little closer by this time. I was inspired to write about my favourite musea in Amsterdam after my latest visit to the Rijksmuseum with a friend last Monday. I haven’t seen all musea in Amsterdam, or the Netherlands for thatContinue reading “My 4 favourite musea in Amsterdam”