Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)

Saturday July 13th 2019

My alarm went off at 7.30 am. My breakfast consisted of bread and cheese, and a cup of tea. Somehow, it wasn’t the experience I was hoping for, the cheese was lacking flavour and the bread was very sweet. But it was food and I needed the calories, so munch munch!

I left the hut around 8.45 am. After about half an hour, I decided to check my feet for blisters. Against my better judgment the day before, I wore only one pair of socks, instead of using liner socks as well. And I should’ve taped my feet preventatively. But no matter, a blister wasn’t going to stop me from exploring! So I compeed-ed my blisters, taped it up, put on liner socks and then woolen socks and I was as good as new!

At around 11.30 am I arrived at Skärlokskojan where I decided to have lunch. I was making pretty good miles as I hiked 8 km in 2,5 hours. Not bad, not bad at all! I started back hiking after lunch around noon. I had a small break at Mångsbodarna, where I’ve been before when I first went to Sweden in 2008. It was from here that we started our two-day hike along the Vasaloppsleden, the hike that planted the seed for my wanting to return. After I left Mångsbodarna, it was still about 5 km to my destination for the day: Tennäng. It started raining a bit. Unfortunately, it was enough rain to warrant putting on my rain coat (nice and sweaty!) and pack cover.

I arrived at the hut around 4.45 pm, so plenty of time to relax after my first full day on the trail. Before I left for this trekking, I had made a plan for where to stay and how many days I would need food for. But since I was going so well, I decided to rethink my planning and to see if I could push myself a little more. Sore shoulders and all, I was enjoying myself!

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