Vitamins F and N

Today, my friend and I decided to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather by hiking through forest and heather fields not yet in its blooming season. It was sunny and wonderful to be out without our coats for the first time this year. On our hike, we came across a cute place where we enjoyed aContinue reading “Vitamins F and N”

Well, that was interesting!

Just before last weekend, people working in public transport announced they’d go on strike on Monday in the morning rush hour for 66 minutes. They want their pension age to stay at 66 years and not increase. Think about this what you will -I’ll probably have to keep working ’till I drop, soooo-, but aContinue reading “Well, that was interesting!”

I dig it

Here’s a photo from when I was an intern at an archaeological excavation in the north of Oss, in the area called Horzak. You can see the big refuse piles to the right and a track through the grass on the left. I love the contrast between the green and the orangy-brown sandy soil. TheContinue reading “I dig it”