Island ingredients: donkeys, horses, goats and seagulls

Vlieland has beautiful nature, but there are also plenty of animals. I love animals, so I thought I’d do a special post about the animals I saw on the island! On my first hike on the island, I first saw two very cute donkeys who were grazing on a field near the lighthouse. I satContinue reading “Island ingredients: donkeys, horses, goats and seagulls”

Water’s edge

I love harbours. I don’t know what it is, but I love the rows of boats, the sense of adventure, the water’s edge. I wish I could hop on a boat and sail away on an adventure! During my weekend away on the Dutch island of Vlieland, I walked around the harbour area and enjoyed theContinue reading “Water’s edge”

Lines on the horizon

It only makes sense that there are so many seagulls on an island. While they’re not my favourite birds, they are simply part of any coastal area in the country. Many were having a rest on shore near the helicopter platform. Perhaps taking a break from flying into strong winds? 😉

Island ingredients: wind, salty air, clouds and sun

Last weekend I spent a few days on the beautiful island of Vlieland. I’d never been to one of the Dutch islands before, so I was excited to go! I went over because a friend and her husband were going to run half a marathon (crazy sporty people! 🙂 ) and I would cheer them on!Continue reading “Island ingredients: wind, salty air, clouds and sun”

North Sea

The beach is a lovely place to let the wind clear your head. I love walking along the beach when it’s sunny and windy. I love the sound of waves and how the waves crash onto the beach. I don’t get out to the beach nearly enough. Maybe I should change that! There’s an ideaContinue reading “North Sea”


Growing up in the coastal area of the Netherlands has enstilled a great appreciation for the dune area in me. I just love it! I hadn’t been to this area in years, but a few years ago I went there again and it was strangely, wonderfully familiar! The dunes are also amazing for horse riding! I used to rideContinue reading “Dunes”

A day at the zoo

After I posted my last blogpost, I had a lovely conversation about the beauty of birds. It then progressed to the wisdom you can see in animals’ eyes. The animal kingdom is amazing. It inspired me to post some pictures I took during a visit to Artis (Amsterdam Zoo) last summer, to showcase the beauty and wisdom thatContinue reading “A day at the zoo”