Survey on the river Meuse

It was the summer of 2009, I was working hard on my thesis and about to graduate from uni. I was full of hopes and dreams of having a career in archaeology. ‘Via via’ I was able to join in on a survey on the river Meuse for a few days, because ‘you never know, you mightContinue reading “Survey on the river Meuse”

A perfect day on a beach

Dunes and the beach, two elements I really enjoy. Not necessarily to just lie there baking in the sun on a big towel while getting sand in your sandwich. I’d rather walk along the beach, feeling the wind gush against my body, while getting some sort of free face scrub. I like it warm, butContinue reading “A perfect day on a beach”

Tidal flats

A few more photos from the beautiful island of Vlieland. During my hike the tide was out and these tidal flats were revealed. At other times of the day the boats would be rocking in the water, but now they were parked in the mud flats. It’s quite spectacular to see how many different habitatsContinue reading “Tidal flats”

Is this made of…wooood?

The island of Vlieland, a small island jam-packed with amazing scenery, ranging from beach to dunes to a beautiful forest with soft tracks and heaps of tall trees. It was lovely exploring the forest with no set plan in mind. Just wandering around, enjoying the peace and quiet. When I take photographs, I find compositionContinue reading “Is this made of…wooood?”

Come closer

Dramatic skies, I love them! Sunday early in the evening on an August day, the island of Vlieland beckoned us for a visit to the beach. The others went for a swim, I took in this majestic interplay of clouds, colour and light. In the distance you can see some rain showers pouring down. Luckily,Continue reading “Come closer”

A big sandbox

The Dutch coast, a big sandbox bathing in sunlight. It’s such a nice area to soak up some salty air and feel the wind in your face. I love how on these photos the sand contrasts with the blue skies and darker cloudy haze in the distance. I believe I took these pictures a few yearsContinue reading “A big sandbox”

Waving in the wind

It’s funny, when I travel I like taking photos of flags (like in Sweden or Canada), but I’ve never taken a photo like that of the Dutch flag. When I was on Vlieland, I didn’t have a preset idea or a plan as to what kind of photos I would be taking. As I wasContinue reading “Waving in the wind”