Tidal flats



A few more photos from the beautiful island of Vlieland. During my hike the tide was out and these tidal flats were revealed. At other times of the day the boats would be rocking in the water, but now they were parked in the mud flats. It’s quite spectacular to see how many different habitats exist on what is essentially quite a small island. This is yet another face of the many faces of Vlieland. It just can’t get any more Dutch than this with the water, boats, dunes, mud flats, Frysian horses. Beautiful!

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5 thoughts on “Tidal flats

  1. Vlieland looks a beautiful place, San 🙂 I am curious about the green on the foreshore … is it sea weed? At first I thought it looked like moss! … but not in saltwater 🙂 I could imagine there are a lot of migrating birds turn up along the island coast.


    1. It is s beautiful! 🙂 It looks like seaweed to me too. The texture does look like moss, but upon taking a closer look I have to agree that it’s seaweed, which makes…eh…sense 😛

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        1. Lol! I was thinking…could it also be some type of algae? Is there such a thing as salt water algae? There’s definetly seaweed in there, but I’ve just never seen such a solid cover of it. Wonder if it’s mixed in with something else 😛

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