A perfect day on a beach

beach beach2

Dunes and the beach, two elements I really enjoy. Not necessarily to just lie there baking in the sun on a big towel while getting sand in your sandwich. I’d rather walk along the beach, feeling the wind gush against my body, while getting some sort of free face scrub. I like it warm, but not hot. And most of all, I like it sunny! Preferably sunny with some oddly shaped clouds or cloudy strands in the sky. And then just walk, letting the worries that occupy my brain just drift away. Taking in nature all around, watching the birds scurry along the water’s edge, and dogs play their hearts out, running in and out of the water. That would be a perfect day on a beach for me.

Do you like the beach? And what would a perfect day on the beach look like for you?

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Dreamer. Adventurer. Traveller. Geek. Idealist. Nature. New Zealand, Nordic countries and the Arctic.

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